General description of the houses

  • ATREA houses provide for comfortable and healthy living with very low energy consumption and minimum impact on the environment. 
  • The houses are designed under the passive house standard according to TNI 730329. They are sandwich-structure wooden houses with a skeleton frame.
  • The structure consists of wood-based natural materials with a diffusion-open envelope composition. The use of natural materials provides for a pleasant and healthy indoor environment with minimum environmental impact.
  • The structure is very flexible to enable various weight and layout solutions.
  • Ventilation and heating is provided by ATREA’s systems.
  • The houses are continuously supplied with air, with a heat recovery facility in winter.
  • The choice of the source of heating and the heating system depends on the individual requirements of the home owner. Selection can be made from any conventional heat sources and their combinations.
  • The house is assembled directly on site from dried timber and board materials.
  • The houses can be supplied as turnkey projects or as frames at the stage of development for self-build completion.

Basic parameters of the standard ATREA house

(A house with a floor area of approx. 125 m2

Energy standard
– A passive house under TNI 730329

Heating loss of the house
–  Approx. 2 kW at temperatures EXT = -15 °C;
  INT = 20 °C

Heat demand for heating
–  Approx. 2 000 kWh/year

Heat permeability coefficient of walls
–  U = 0,11 W/m2K

Envelope air-tightness
– Commonly achieved n50 = 0,2–0,3 h-1

Heat recovery efficiency – Approx. 85 %
Fire resistance of walls – REI 60
Cost of heating – Approx. from CZK 2.000 /year 
Cost of construction – From CZK 23.000 /m2

For more information regarding the structure of the house see the STRUCTURE section.

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