As requirements for energy savings in buildings are increasing, so are demands on the tightness of windows. Currently, therefore, natural ventilation through windows – with its additional major heat losses – is not sufficient to ensure a healthy indoor environment.

As a result, modern energy saving buildings successfully use demand-controlled ventilation with heat re-gaining (heat recovery) to guarantee the required air change rates. Demand-control ventilation with heat recovery ensures the dissipation of pollutants with a constant supply of the optimum amount of fresh air and reduces heat losses caused by ventilation
(up to 95 % compared to ventilation through windows).

Heat recovery ventilation

Větrání s rekuperací

Fresh air is fed into each room via outlets in the floor, walls or false ceilings. Stale air is dissipated from rooms underneath windows and extracted from rooms with potential smell and humidity sources (kitchens, toilets, bathrooms). Heat from exhaust air is transferred to supply air in a heat recovery (heat re-gaining) exchanger.

ATREA produces a full range of DUPLEX ventilation units with heat recovery, especially suitable for the comfort ventilation of low-energy and passive houses.


Warm-air heating and ventilation with heat recovery

Větrání s rekuperací a teplovzdušným vytápěním objektu

A warm-air heating system allows combining heating and ventilation in a building into a single whole. If fresh air is heated to required temperature before being supplied into a room, it becomes a heat carrier; therefore, it is no longer necessary to install a separate conventional heating system in the house. 

ATREA produces a full range of DUPLEX warm-air ventilation units with heat recovery suitable for the ventilation and warm-air heating of low-energy and passive houses.

Společnost ATREA vyrábí ucelenou řadu větracích jednotek DUPLEX s rekuperací tepla vhodných pro větrání a teplovzdušné vytápění nízkoenergetických a pasivních domů.