ATREA system

  • A certified constructional and technological solution for energy-passive wooden houses
  • Turnkey projects from architectural and energy concept design to execution all over
    the Czech Republic
  • An option of phased construction and partial

Systém ATREA

The ATREA system is a certified construction system optimized for building energy-passive houses. An integrated heating and cooling system, domestic hot water preparation and demand-controlled ventilation with heat recovery are integral parts of the houses. The entire system is developed and most of the engineering equipment produced by ATREA in the Czech Republic to ensure the compatibility of construction and individual engineering components and provide services way above standard to guarantee top quality.

The ATREA system also means close cooperation between architects, designers and construction firms throughout the building process. This process is continuously supervised by independent building site inspectors.

The ATREA construction system is protected by a utility model. Only selected construction firms with a valid licence agreement are authorized to build ATREA houses in the ATREA system.