Why to build with us

  • Experience with passive house construction

    Dozens of single-family passive homes have been completed in the ATREA system, with more in various stages of development and design preparation.

  • A verified and certified construction system 

    ATREA system structural compositions are certified for fire resistance. In addition, all details with regard to heating losses, thermal bridges, water vapour diffusion and noise insulation have been considered and dealt with in tune with Czech standards in effect. All materials used meet health-related standards.

  • Management of house construction from design to execution

    Through its contractors ATREA s.r.o. manages all stages of the design and execution of a passive house. The houses are designed by contracted architects and designers with experience in the field of passive building construction. The execution phase is taken care of by licensed building firms.

  • Individual design

    Our passive houses are designed to meet the individual needs and requirements of our customers, considering the building plot characteristics, fitting in the landscape, surrounding built-up areas and an option to utilize renewable energy sources.

  • Systemic solution

    The systemic solution for the structures and elements together with close cooperation with architects, designers and contractors ensure high standards and low purchase costs.

  • Execution quality

    Building companies that execute the construction of ATREA system houses are carefully selected, trained and monitored. The process of construction is supervised by independent building site inspectors experienced in the field of passive wooden houses.

  • Modern diffusion-open structure

    The ATREA system uses diffusion-open structural compositions allowing the controlled permeation of moisture through the structure, the so-called “breathing” of the house.

  • Proprietary heating, DHW and ventilation systems

    Heating, domestic hot water preparation and ventilation systems are developed and most of the engineering equipment is produced by ATREA in the Czech Republic to ensure the compatibility of construction and individual engineering components and provide services way above standard. 

  • Utilizing energy saving and renewable sources of energy

    Energy saving and renewable sources of energy are preferred to run the house (sun – solar collectors, environmental energy – heat pumps, biomass – pellet stoves etc.). By using energy saving and renewable sources the costs of running the house are further lowered with less dependence on energy suppliers. 

  • Ecological and quality materials

    The ATREA system essentially consists of wood-based quality materials that are friendly to the environment and the user.

  • Czech product

    Heating, domestic hot water preparation and ventilation systems are developed and produced by ATREA in the Czech Republic. The houses are built by Czech construction firms.