Our aim

For us a quality house means

  • Cultivated and functional (effective) architecture (interiors, exteriors, integration in the landscape)
  • A comfortable and healthy indoor environment (thermal comfort and clean air)
  • Low energy consumption (for construction as well as operation)
  • Balanced purchase and operation costs
  • Outstanding technical quality and parameters
  • Long life span and functionality
  • Easy operability and maintenance
  • Low dependence on energy supplies
  • Minimum impact on the environment

Our aim is for such houses to become the norm and be available to the widest possible range of those interested in quality housing.

Domy ATREA Find more information on ATREA houses here.

In the EU, buildings contribute by about 40 % to the total consumption of energy. Buildings are responsible for 30 % of CO2 emissions, use a large amount of primary raw materials and generate up to 40 % of all waste. The quality of the indoor environment of buildings is declining. Although today there are verified and primarily cost-effective methods already available with a potential to lower the energy intensity of buildings by up to 90 % while at the same time providing higher comfort of the indoor environment, a vast majority of buildings needlessly waste energy.

The emerging trends in building construction respond to this situation, changing significantly attitudes to this issue. Higher demands on and new requirements for buildings are also enhanced by legislation amendments.

In keeping with our philosophy we are responding to those changes by designing and building already today quality houses that meet the highest requirements for modern housing from the perspective of comfort and a healthy indoor environment, energy consumption and impact on the environment. A good house must also be balanced in many other aspect and parameters of quality.