What we do

Our activities in the field of passive houses

  • Passive house construction from the architectural design to completion
  • Running our own training centre and a show passive house
  • Organizing tours and excursions to passive houses for professionals as well as the
    general public
  • Professional consultancy services focused
    on passive houses
  • Organizing lectures, seminars and
    educational events
  • Monitoring and co-forming current trends
    in the area of progressive construction
  • Liaising with institutions and top experts
    in the field
  • Participating in research and development in the area of energy-efficient construction
  • Continuous monitoring of ATREA passive houses and publication of the results
  • Developing ventilation, heating and HDW production optimized for passive and low-energy houses in a dedicated division

We provide a comprehensive range of services in the field of low-energy and passive house construction, from a tailor-made architectural design to house completion using our proprietary certified system. The design of ATREA passive houses also includes a proprietary comprehensive ventilation, heating and DHW production system.

We provide free-of-charge professional consultancy focused on passive and low-energy houses as part of the Passive House Centre Network project.

We actively participate in the development of modern and efficient trends in construction and the promotion of the permanently sustainable construction idea. We stand for lowering energy intensity, a wider and more efficient utilization of renewable energy sources and natural building materials.