ATREA show house

Koberovy – Cesky Raj

The show house is part of ATREA’s unique complex of passive houses and a training centre in the village of Koberovy in CHKO Cesky Raj.

Come and see the quality of construction and the comfort of living of an ATREA passive house for yourself. Learn about the construction system, the composition of structures and the materials used. Have a closer look at the warm-air heating and ventilation system with heat recovery and other engineering features that provide comfort, a healthy indoor environment and heating and operation energy savings in a passive house. Get inspiration and more information about tailor-made solutions for your ATREA passive house.



ATREA show house
Koberovy  186, Liberec region
GPS: 50°37'13.014"N, 15°13'47.278"E

Viewings and consultations

Arrange a viewing of an ATREA passive house and individual consultations at the contacts below:

Telefon (+420) 483 317 763
Telefon (+420) 608 644 650

More details on the ATREA passive house complex in Koberovy


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