ATREA HOUSES – better living

Main advantages of ATREA houses

  • Comfortable and healthy housing
  • Saving up to 90 % on heating bills
  • Pleasant temperature in summer as well as winter
  • Constantly fresh air
  • Tailor-made tasteful and functional architecture 
  • A reliable investment in the future

ATREA houses meet the most stringent criteria for modern housing from the perspective of comfort and a healthy indoor environment, low energy consumption and environmental impact. 

We provide a comprehensive range of services in the field of low-energy and passive house construction, from a tailor-made architectural design to house completion using our proprietary certified system (ATREA system).

ATREA houses [gallery]

The houses are designed to meet your individual needs and requirements while respecting the building plot characteristics, the nature of the surrounding landscape and built-up areas, and taking into account an option to utilize renewable energy sources. Following is a selection of individual and architectural designs for your inspiration.

For more examples of various architectural designs see the reference section reference